Formula Optimization

You are active as a producer who mixes or compiles different basic products via a recipe or process. In that case, you will employ experts who continuously weigh up which products are best produced at the moment and with which composition. All this is a complex consideration of stocks, deliveries, changing quality of raw materials, market prices, production sites and the cost of adjusting machines.

In short, the number of possible options is enormous and is in practice often determined on the basis of heuristics and accumulated experience. ML2Grow provides solutions that can process large amounts of information to solve this optimization problem better and faster. We use classic non-convex and innovative model-based optimization techniques in a cloud-based solution. The following features characterize the solution of ML2Grow:

  • Tailored to your needs: we develop our solution in coordination with your company and its experts
  • Basic solution for 1 production site with possible expansion to optimization over multiple production sites.
  • Can handle combined optimization goals and preferences.